Exhibition: Algae Blooms

Betty Disco & Miriam v.d.Linden

Handgeschept Papier

13 mobiles @ 170 x120 cm per stuk

16 to 24 June artists duo Betty Disco and Miriam v.d. Linden ( will show a selection of their recent work during the 25stse anniversary edition of the art manifestation KUNSTSCHOUW Westersschouwen ,Zeeland. In this diverse landscape, about 200 artists will be represented from home and abroad. 
Contemporary art, experimental installations and performances, photography, computer and video art but also the more established art forms such as ceramics, painting and sculpture combine in an exciting way with authentic locations in Zeeland such as old churches, barns, a corn mill, villas and gardens, spread across 12 villages, historical sites, forests and on the beach. 

Welcome to the Jacobuskerk in Rennesse,  (we will be present) AdresLange Reke 7, 4325 AA Renesse


Exhibition: Nieuwe Landschap (new Landscape)

Betty Disco & Miriam v.d. Linden

Drill Baby Drill

Handmade Paper Installation

Drill Baby Drill, an installation by artists’ duo Betty Disco & Miriam v.d. Linden, ( will be among the ca. 80 works of art in the exhibition: Nieuwe Landschap (New Landscape) in Velp, The Netherlands.

Opening in the Nieuwe Ruimte in Velp, The Netherlands

Artists ‘ collective, Nieuwe Ruimte (New Space), proves that it can happen: art and culture in Velp. A very successful first exhibition opened with over 100 visitors. The exhibition ‘ the new landscape ‘ is open every Saturday and Sunday open from  The exhibition ends on August 15 2018.

Event Dates

May 13 through August 15 2018 until August 15 2018.

Open every Saturday and Sunday, from 12.00-17.00pm


Den Heuvel 32,

6881 NT Velp,

The Netherlands



BETTY DISCO and MIRIAM v.d. LINDEN ( are participating in this exhibition with paper objects.

Event Dates

October 26 – November 20 2017


Shanghai Fengxian Library

Exhibition: A Feast on Paper Art- 30 years IAPMA touring exhibition, China

Artists: BETTY DISCO and MIRIAM v.d. LINDEN ( are participating in this exhibition with paper objects.

Event Dates: The exhibition is opened from November 12, 2016 until November 21, 2016.

Opening Hours: Monday and Sunday 11:00 – 18:00

Location: D-Lab Art Center No.3-03 , Yangcheng Creative Park , No. 309 , Huangpu Road Central,Tianhe District , Guangzhou


Exhibition: Galerie Halte de Engel van 27 oktober t/m 8 december 2016.

DE STEEG – Van donderdag 27 oktober tot 8 december is de expositie te bewonderen van BETTY DISCO en MIRIAM V.D. LINDEN met papierobjecten in Galerie Halte de Engel, Hoofdstraat 3 in De Steeg.

Oktober 27 – “Een hele geslaagde expositie opening donderdag in het gemeentehuis. Er was een prachtige film te zien over het werk van de exposanten Betty Disco en Miriam van der Linden. Er was heel veel publiek. En… is een schitterende expositie! Mooi werk, dat soms speciaal gemaakt lijkt voor de wanden in het gemeentehuis! De moeite waard om eens te gaan kijken.”

expo_halte_l expo_halte_r

 Exhibition: “Mail Art Project”- Association of Cyprus Paper Artists

The “Papiertuin” is participating in the traveling exhibition.

From November 23, 2016 &

Exhibition: “A Feast on Paper Art” China

The “Papiertuin” is participating in the traveling exhibition in

Shanghai, Guangzhou and Suzhou in China

November – April 2016 &

Most recent exhibition: Oysters (Creusen)



Betty Disco & Miriam van der Linden will be exhibiting handmade paper wall reliefs and their collaborative installation CREUSEN During the exhibit, the ‘Creusen’  (paper oysters) are subjected to programmed lighting effects creating a vision of shadows and light, moving as the rise and fall of the tides. When the lights are totally dimmed some ‘Creusen’ undergo an unexpected change.

Event Dates: June 18 until 11 September 2016
Artists: Betty Disco & Miriam van der Linden
Location: Fort Kijkduin
Admiraal Verhuellplein 1
1789 AX Huisduinen
The Netherlands

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